Operationalerror attempt to write a readonly database definition

Subsequently, I separated the business logic into its own module and presented an outline design for a web interface. To try it out, do the following: To browse the code, visit GitHub.

Operationalerror attempt to write a readonly database definition

When defining fields as real then inserting data like 1e18 goes well, but 1e19 generates an error about being not a valid float. If you enter the data using sqlite3. The problem arises when calling sqlite3step, the prepare does not give any error.

We've checked and the same error appears using sqlite administrator which is a Delphi development too, but using ZEOS. Since it goes wrong within sqlite3step this might be a sqlite isue?

If you can provide a specific example of what is not working we can investigate this problem further. But based on the information provide, we are unable to reproduce the problem and suspect the problem is in the application, not in SQLite.

Delphi has been known to futz with the FPU registers. It's possible that Delphi is changing the FPU accuracy and causing this problem.

operationalerror attempt to write a readonly database definition

I don't know where the problem lies and will investigate further. It's not a fpu isue since it's a ansistring containing the string, being prepared and executed.

There hardly any Delphi involved here. I'll create a small app in Delphi showing the problem and report this issue on Delphi forums too. The string is somewhat like 'insert into demo myval value 1e19 ' Will come back here.

Following script is tested in sqlite shell: On windows with MinGW 3. Without detail check I can only assume there is a problem in representing and using 8 and 6 bytes floats together in SQLite without explicit casting BCC may require.

Or this may be a limitation of BCC 5. Without detail check those are most probably causes. SQLite does not use any "6 byte floats". I'm not sure what a 6 byte float is. If you find an exception to this please let us know.


I assume then, that this is a bug in BCC. I do not have access to BCC so there is nothing I can do to fix it. If you can suggest patches that will work around the BCC bug for example, some unnecessary explicit casts we will consider adding them to the core.

But I am afraid it will be up to you to supply those patches, since we do not have BCC available to experiment with and SQLite works perfectly for every compiler we have access to.

Funny thing is that if the dll is created with a gnu compiler it seems to work. Can you tell me with what compiler the dll w. This is the reply of sasa, it's way ahead of me As I understand vac, that one from official SQLite site have this bug.

In the signature of DLL can be seen which compiler was used for compilation. This is I prepared to add to the ticket, but you can add yourself.

I have spent all my spare time for now. Since it do not break anything it will be probably included in official version: If nothing else, this will solve the problem code is not essential for correct functionality: I will first write several facts: Statically linked SQLite 3.

Both integer and double have 8 byte size in BCC. It is not the fact that BCC corrupt right-hand side value. This will raise invalid floating-point operation exception for most C compilers.

Current attempt in will not work from two reasons: The same conversion logic is used. According to upper, conclusion is clear that this is not a bug in BCC, but in all C compiles for Windows - or in conversion double to integer currently used.

Thank you for your time.

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Sasa Zeman Jan Looks like a subdirectory, which name contains terminal space(s), is created without space(s) on OS Windows, and then an attempt to create a nested subdirectory fails." [email protected]

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while executing bitbake meta-toolchain i got error ERROR: Error parsing configuration files Traceback ( write a readonly database how to fix it?

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The quotes ('R') signify to the database that the data stored in the column is text data. You can think of it like a spreadsheet: a library definition, etc.

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