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Mlm friend foe

Essential oil - friend or foe? Jun 20, 2: Essential oil usage is trending up lately, thanks to a few prominent mlm companies and the rise of indie natural skin care companies which rely on essential oil for their therapeutic purpose and smell.

Is an essential oil a friend or foe? Decide for yourself after reading this blog post ya.

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Essential oil should not be used neat — essential oil is very potent and should be treated with care and respect. Essential oils are obtained from a distillation method — steam is passed through the plant materials, and then later condensed back to water where the oil essential oil and water hydrosol is then separated.

Only aromatic plants can yield essential oil, some might require extraction using a solvent to get the oil — and these are called an absolute and not essential oil. Imagine, 1 drop of lavender oil roughly 0.

Mlm friend foe

What is an essential oil really? Sorry, did I lose you in the science already?

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Basically water is H2O right? Well lavender oil is made up of hundreds of chemicals constituents… you can take a look here… https: Essential oil contains allergens and causes sensitivities when used in high dosages. These are things like linalool, geraniol, citronellol.

So, despite the healing therapeutic benefit of essential oils, they can react negatively. The next point is: Always research for contraindication to: For example, oils like peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus contain a constituent called 1,8 cineole which is a good decongestion and expectorant but very dangerous for children under 5 years old as it might cause especially babies when used directly in high dosage around nostrilsmight cause them to have respiratory distress.

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Citrus oils like lemon, bergamot, lime contains furanocoumarin which is phototoxic when used in high dosage. How high is high dosage? Always check with your supplier if your citrus oil is phototoxic or not. Sometimes the plant material and their oil might work differently — for example fennel.Exogenous Ketones — Friend or Foe To The Ketogenic Diet?

The science behind what exogenous ketones do, and how they can be gamed for maximum benefit. Think about it, most of the products or services we use today were based on referral from a friend, foe or family, directly or indirectly.

Mlm friend foe

When you hear your Foe’s skin glows because of a certain body butter, that’s an indirect foe referral 😎. We are converters and manufacturers of foam and foam products servicing the following industries among others: beds and mattresses, sport, automotive, household, outdoor, leisure, hospitality, institutions (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) and packaging.

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Actually, to be penetratingly clear, I hate your flagrant barrage of social media posts and private messages that attempt to hard-sell your MLM to those .

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