Maggie dela riva case study

Occurrences[ edit ] Women in custody[ edit ] Women in the custody of law enforcement officials in the Philippines are vulnerable to tortureincluding rape and sexual abuse. Between and Amnesty International received reports of more than 30 incidents of rape or other sexual abuse of women or girls in custody. The organization fears that this figure represents only a fraction of the real number of cases.

Maggie dela riva case study

Unless specified, all other materials are from the private collection of the blog owner. Thank you very much! Pineda, 25, and Edgardo Aquino, Under sedation A pale and dazed Jose was the first to walk the final steps to the execution chamber.

He had just recovered from shock and had to be placed under sedation. His eyes stared blankly and unseeing as he walked between two priests with lips repeating their prayers. Among those who witnessed his final moments was his father, Dr. The doctor, who had promised his son that he would be there, stood beside Brig.

Vicente Raval, the prisons director, during the execution. He stepped out of the execution chamber when his son was pronounced dead at 3: Following the order set down in the Supreme Court decision, Pineda came next. He had a minor hassle with prison guards when, owing to a slight confusion, they started to lead Aquino to the death chamber ahead of him.

Maggie dela riva case study

He was strapped into the chair at 3: He died at 4: While he was in the death chamber his mother, who had been keeping him company since morning fainted into the arms of her eight other children Doctors who attended to the three doomed men were Drs. Weeping relatives Three anesthesiologists Drs.

The three convicts were transferred from the prison hospital to the anteroom of the death chamber at midnight yesterday. There they were kept company by weeping relatives.

Except for the request that their heads be shaven at 10 a. This request, however, was not granted, because of a near-riot earlier in the day.

Last meal For lunch, their last meal, the prisoners had kare-kare, chicken tinola, lobsters, crispy pata, lechon, fried lapu-lapu, and ice cream. Jose hardly touched the food, although a sister dutifully spoon-fed him. Pineda ate his meal with his estranged wife, sisters and other relatives Aquino tried to cheer up his mother by offering her food and hugging her.


While the convicts and their relatives prayed at about 1 p. Told that there was none, he ordered the first prisoner to be brought in.Waiting to Go Three more die, 1, more await execution in the deadly lottery resulting from the Philippines' hapless war on crime.

After becoming the first country in Asia to abolish the death penalty, the Philippines became one of the few anywhere to bring it . example, The rape case of Maggie Dela Riva, She was abducted, raped and tortured by three men. Late president Ferdinand Marcos take action and executed them by electric Late president Ferdinand Marcos take action and executed them by electric.

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May 17,  · Leslie George Hylton, a better bowler than liar. May 17th, Headsman. On this date in , Test cricketer Leslie George Hylton was hanged in Spanish Town, Jamaica, for murdering his wife.

View People vs Gomez (Maggie De La Riva Rape Case) from SDCFASDASD at Saint Paul School of Business and Law. Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila EN BANC G.R. No. L February. De la Riva, who, aside from her family, did not have many public support groups to rally behind her, bravely faced the scrutiny of the high-profile rape trial almost by herself.

Now, many years later, many more options are available to rape survivors. Studies worldwide have failed to connect the death penalty with drops in crime. The U.S., with the developed world's largest Death Row population and highest execution rate, also claims some of the greatest rates of homicide, robbery and rape.

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