It can wait texting and driving

It Can Wait Posted by: Buckawicki Texting while driving is dangerous and deadly. It seems obvious and although most of us are aware of this fact, too many American families have been touched by this tragedy. The number of tragedies related to texting while driving is rising; with drivers of every level of experience, the temptation to text while driving has become too great.

It can wait texting and driving

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It can wait texting and driving

Driving through my city is something I love to do. Recently, I came within inches of slamming into the car in front of me at a red light.

I was too distracted looking at my phone. Once my heart stopped racing, I knew something had to change. There is no message or update that is worth me causing a car accident. Wait until the car is in park to check messages. Today, I was driving behind a car, I noticed that the driver was too distracted to move when the light turned green — twice.

At the third light, I moved over one lane and pulled up along side of the car and could see the driver was on the phone that she had in her hand. I had been guilty of this, too. We can help share the message and be examples of driving without phone distractions. Care for those around you.

Put your phone down while driving. Distracted Driving is never ok. It is a free app available to customers of all wireless carriers for iPhone and Android users. I appreciate that it has an auto mode feature that automatically turns on the app when you reach 15 MPH and turns it off after you stop.

The app is also available in Spanish.

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For parents of teen drivers, the app can help keep young drivers safe by sending a message to a parent if the app is turned off. This is a great tool to start young drivers out the right way before they develop bad habits.

And, to make it easier for you to honor your pledge, you can send your contacts the information about taking the pledge via the app. There are 99 other things that need your attention as a driver.

One of them is not your phone.

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Take the pledge with me today:Joseph Thomas English Ratliff Essay 3 Final It Can Wait With growth of technology comes a new trend such as texting, e-mailing, or checking Facebook and Twitter on personal mobile devices. It Can Wait.

Texting while driving was estimated to be involved in ,+vehicle crashes in , often involving injuries and deaths.* That’s why AT&T is committed to putting an end to texting and driving.

We’re focused on . Mar 28,  · AT&T conducted the survey as part of its It Can Wait campaign, which began three years ago and urges drivers to delay texting until they're not . Taken alone, driving can be perilous enough, but texting and driving are a lethal combination. For your own sake and for the safety of your neighbors, It Can Wait.

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Take the pledge to stop texting. It Can Wait In May , AT&T released commercials aimed at bringing to light the issue of texting and driving through its #itcanwait campaign. Getting drivers to take a pledge to never text and drive is the main goal of, but the website offers a variety .

It Can Wait: How to keep your Scouts (and yourself) from texting and driving July 8, Bryan Wendell Health and Safety 9 That little dopamine hit you feel when your phone buzzes or dings with a.

Texting & Driving? It Can Wait. - KellyMitchell