Challenges of youths in our contemporary

It has not been updated — some of the website references in the footnotes may be out of date. Modernism is basically the world view which drew the line between science and religion, faith and superstition, truth and veracity. It demanded technical, scientific answers to questions of faith and science. Non-ending proofs and evidence.

Challenges of youths in our contemporary

A youth is characterized by features such as youngness, restlessness, strength, independence, curiosity; search fro greatness, vigor good, health etc.

These features should be channeled towards the propagation of the gospel.

Challenges of youths in our contemporary

Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom of God Lk. In the church, the youths have the responsibility of evangelizing. It is their duty to witness Christ to their peers and to the remotest areas where Christ has not been preached.

Need essay sample on Challenges of Youths in Our Contemporary Where are our Youths today? Out there in search of worldly pleasure or working for the Lord.

To be good evangelizer, witnessing must be accompanied by good example, being like Christ in all ramification.

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The bible recorded many dynamic youths worthy of emulation. Two of such youths will be considered in this text.

They are Joseph and David. Joseph had an encounter with God. The fear of God was in his heart. To escape the wrath that might befall him as a result of this great sin, he ran and fled from this great evil, sin of fornication. Godless youth would take advantage of this immoral opportunity and yield to the temptation.

It takes a heart that has been washed by the Blood of The Lamb, a youth who has experienced the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, a sanctified person and Holy Ghost filled to overcome such temptation.

David the son of Jesse, the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse, rose and worked marvels for god right from his youth. He killed a lion, a bear and conquered the veteran warrior Goliath.

He overcame the evil spirits that tormented Saul by his anointed fingers on the musical instruments. He was able to do all these exploits for God because of his personal knowledge of God and the power of the Holy Ghost that was upon him.

Make yourself available for noble use.


Challenges Facing the Youth Today The general state of youth reveals spirituals, social and psychological crises and confusion. They are being affected by the effects and influence of the society, peer groups, parental neglect and the evil one. Many of our youths blindly follow the dictates of the secularization of Western culture.

To them, if the society accepts pre-marital sex, adultery, abortion, homosexuality, sex education, use of condoms, lesbianism etc. The youth sees the youth state as a period of fun and freedom. However, they forget to recognize that this stage is important and transitory — a stage between childhood and adulthood.

Mistakes youth make at his stage in life could be detrimental bearing with it a lifetime consequences. For example, Youths who take to armed robbery, prostitution, drug trafficking, political thruggery, and all manner of violent practices carry over such nefarious activities from their youthful stage into adulthood.

At adulthood they become a problem to themselves, the society and invariably their children who may take after them.

Challenges of youths in our contemporary

What a wasted life! In fact, they are unable to build a worthwhile foundation on which to rest their future. Flee from all evil desires and run after righteous.

Many of our youths are compromising with worldly ideals. Compromise with the world brings corruption. Learn from David and Joseph, the way to upright living. The youth is being influenced and challenged today in the following areas: These devices had in no small measure made the world a global village.

However, the challenges facing our youths Christian youth is how to use them without abusing them. The truth is that these devices rather then being used for the advancement of knowledge which is capable of making the world a better place have become powerful tools in the hands of Satan for the perversion of morals.

For example, the computer has both simplified and speeded up the operation in many fields of human endeavor — data storage, medicine, architecture, music and broadcasting industry.

These are interactive computer software for learning of virtually any subject.Challenges Facing the Youth in Today’s Society Most of the problems facing today’s youth are not restricted to any one ethnic or religious group, but affect young people generally. Most discussions on youth have focussed on issues such as drug abuse, crime, violence, sexuality and poverty.

Destructive youth behaviors do not discriminate and have impacted many lives. A number of resources are available, and will assist you in finding the help necessary to make informed and empowered choices. Free Essay: CHALLENGES OF YOUTHS IN A MODERN WORLD The Longman Modern English Dictionary defines youth as “the state or quality of being young, the period.

Our premise is that in urban centers black youths cannot choose to ignore or not take into account this social identity.

The reality of this identity is made salient in a number of ways. What are the Ten Biggest Challenges Christian Youth are Facing Today? The bad news is that these issues won’t go away. As we mature and grow in our faith, we gain experience and ammunition in battling them, but as long as we live in this fallen world, these issues, challenges or problems will always be there.

Remember that Paul . Essay about Challenges of Youths in Our Contemporary World CHALLENGES OF YOUTHS IN A MODERN WORLD The Longman Modern English Dictionary defines youth as “the state or quality of being young, the period from childhood to maturity; young people of both sexes”.