Antithesis of stupidity

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Antithesis of stupidity

He so hated the hypocrisy of moralists and Christians that he set upon a polemic which in places is as informative as it is entertaining.

Below are a few samples of it. Analysis of the techniques of moral and religious self-deception Nietzsche loathed the obtrusive habit of his morally thinking contemporaries, who confounded self-criticism with a bad conscience and who would rather have walked around feeling guilty rather than realize the errors of their ways and leave them behind.

They know not only their own interests as a guideline for their actions, but call upon higher standards of right with which they want to conform, in which they measure their interest, and regard the deviations from those standards — which are due to happen over and over again — Antithesis of stupidity their bad moral will.

In this case, the punishment of the contrition follows the self-condemnation, and with remorse, internal righteousness is once again satisfied.

Antithesis of stupidity

Thus the bad conscience is the complicated way to a good one. He who has thus arranged such a good conscience for himself knows he is in harmony with what decency and convention demand, and is therefore capable of the impertinences which make bourgeois everyday life, with its people abounding with virtuousness, so pleasant.

He functions as a model for humanity across the world and therefore for him it is almost a moral duty to lift himself up to be the judge of others; and as such, to sincerely wish the worst for all those who are not of the same moral grade.

Antithesis of stupidity

What do you think he finds necessary, absolutely necessary in order to give himself the appearance in his own eyes of superiority. It is always morality that he requires, one may wager on it; always the big moral words, always the high-sounding words: He knew that this doubling inevitably belongs to morality because morality can not be had without calculation and hypocrisy: The fundamental contradiction in that morality which at present stands in high honor is here indicated: That with which this morality wishes to prove itself, refutes it out of its criterion for what is moral!

That is, the purely negative imperative of unselfishness can not be practiced at all. So silly, how the moral-philosophical preachers of this ideal are never moralists that would declare their own interests as in principle as null and void. Therefore the advocates of this ideal, if they give reasons for it, require this contrary maxim — unselfishness is useful.

It is simply not a real motive — what really impels and compels people is another story. The combination of voluntary self-abasement and self-righteousness which Christian people displayed was simply too much for him.

Therefore he was not held up for long with the lame denial of the existence of God, which in any case only struggles to get rid of doubts which the Christians themselves nurse, but rather occupied himself with the content of the religious images themselves. He regarded what Christians do with their mind as more or less the lowest form of actuating its intellect and its relation with the will, not at all far from stupefying it with drugs.

Christians in their relation to the world master the trick of concocting their hardships as specially designed tests for them; thus they transform the real evil into a fictitious good: Religion and art also metaphysical philosophy work upon the changing of temperament, partly by the changing of our judgment on events.

The more a man is inclined to twist and arrange meanings the less he will grasp the causes of evil and disperse them; the momentary mitigation and influence of a narcotic, as for example in toothache, suffices him even in more serious sufferings. The more the dominion of creeds and all arts dispense with narcotics, the more strictly men attend to the actual removing of the evil.

One can again read from Nietzsche what a deplorable character it delivers in the course of this confession.

The contradiction of the standard of the anti-materialist afterlife being applied for dealing with the unholy life on Earth brings forth the everyday Christian, whose hypocrisy Nietzsche very logically saw as a stupidity all but unworthy of his criticism: Taking it for granted that there is belief, the commonplace Christian is a miserable figure, a man that really cannot add two and two together, and who, moreover, just because of his mental incapacity for irresponsibility, did not deserve to be so severely punished as Christianity has decreed.Opposite of stupid word list.

Here are a variety of words whose meaning is nearly the opposite of stupid. apt; exciting; interesting; lively; sharp; shrewd; spirited; Hope the above listing of antonyms for stupid is useful. This page may interest people looking for the opposite of stupid and stupid opposite.

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