Agriculture business plan in bangladesh dhaka

This demographic burden places tremendous economic, social and environmental strain on the country and dramatically affects its ability to provide for its citizens. This is particularly true in the area of food security — roughly half of Bangladeshis are unable to access sufficient food to meet their dietary needs. In addition, USAID assistance improves the formulation and implementation of food policy in Bangladesh through research, monitoring, training and coordination within government agencies.

Agriculture business plan in bangladesh dhaka

These companies can try to entrance our market by launching new product lines to compete us. Yet, we have distinct competitive advantage.

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That is our product is still brand new. The other companies will take sometimes to enter into the market. Till then we can have a monopoly market condition.

The other advantage that we have is lower price. We will sell products in reasonably lower price then other competitors do. To compete with the major competitors we can adopt the following measures: Market Plan Pricing Strategies We have decided to set a reasonable price for our product when we will develop it.

We considered many factors in setting the pricing policy. We will describe a six-step procedure: Setting the pricing objectives: Our company has decided where it wants to position its market offering.

We have chosen our objective to maximize market share. We believe that a higher sales volume will lead to lower unit costs and higher long-run profit.

We have set the lower price because we assume that the market is price sensitive. Our overall objective is to capture the maximum market share by setting lower price.

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We have estimated the cost and want to charge a price that covers the cost of production, distribution and selling the product, including a fair return for its effort and risk.

Types of cost and level of production: There are two types of cost: In our new product development project fixed cost is 2,00,00, taka.

Fixed cost includes- machinery, monthly bills, and salaries of employees and so on, regardless of output. There are some variable costs like-cost of bottle, packaging and so on. These costs tend to be constant per unit production. We have estimated that per unit variable cost is Tk.

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Selecting a pricing method: We have chosen the target costing method to set price for our product; pricing that starts with an ideal selling price based on customer considerations, then target cost will ensure that the price is met.23 October DoE, Agargaon, Dhaka.

National Consultation on Sustainable Land Management (SLM; 10 October CIRDAP, Dhaka. Launching Ceremony-Bangladesh Second Investment Plan for Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems.

agriculture business plan in bangladesh dhaka

Small Scale Business Ideas List in Bangladesh for At the present time, Bangladesh is passing to her best time to start a new small business. Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs are highly interested to start a small business rather than jobs.

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