Advantages and disadvantages of rain

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Advantages and disadvantages of rain

However, there is always at least a little bit of cloud to every silver lining and the balance of the positives and negatives should be considered carefully before settling on investing in any such system.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of rainwater harvesting? Water can be used to flush toilets, wash clothes and dishes, and to water gardens. On a bigger scale, rainwater harvesting can lead to major savings for households or small businesses.

Great for Irrigation Rainwater is not subjected to any chemicals found in ground water and therefore is ideal for irrigation as well as for watering plants in the garden. Reduces Ground Water Demand As our population increases, so does the demand for water.


In many areas, ground water is extracted to keep up with demand and this has lead to low levels of ground water being left over.

Reduces Soil Erosion and Floods By keeping rainwater from reaching the ground, it is possible to prevent flooding if carried out on a large-enough scale.

Rainwater harvesting also reduces soil erosion and keeps surface water from being contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers from rainwater run-off. Multi-Purpose Rainwater can be used for all sorts of things from flushing toilets, to washing clothes, cars, and dishes, to keeping the garden freshly watered.

You are unlikely to spend very long periods of time without plenty of rainwater to use. Starting costs Installing a rainwater harvesting system can be costly, with systems ranging from the low hundreds to the low thousands in cost.

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Systems can be infiltrated by rodents, algae, and insects, and can become breeding grounds for all sorts of creatures if not properly maintained.

Chemical roof seepage Some kinds of roof coverings will seep chemicals which will prove harmful to plant life if the water is used to sustain it. Storage limits You may find that you cannot store all of the water you would like to, and this could mean having to tailor your water usage to the capacity of the tank.

There is no right way of going about many things, and often there are cons to the pros. Overall, rainwater harvesting is beneficial to the environment and could be helpful to your bank account.

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Just remember to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of rainwater harvesting before you settle on a decision.Rain brings a multitude of benefits to the earth, including watering wild plants and crops, humidifying the air, creating streams and rivers, replenishing the water table and creating healthy negative ions.

Perhaps the most important benefit of rain is its redistribution of fresh water in the water. Jun 19,  · Types of rain gauges include graduated cylinders, weighing gauges, tipping bucket gauges, and simple buried pit collectors. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages for collecting rain .

Advantages and disadvantages of rain

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is a process or technique of collecting, filtering, storing and using rainwater for irrigation and for various other purposes.

The Advantages of Using Rainwater - Rainwater is great for watering your plants or washing your car. Learn more advantages of using rainwater and why it's also good for the environment. Constant heavy rain can be annoying and even sad, but rain has a large number of benefits, apart from the obvious advantages of rainfall, such as recharging the basins of our rivers, reservoirs and aquifers, generate energy and make the soil of our forests is humid and on it appear a large.

Home» Siding & Gutters» The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Rain Gutters Vinyl rain gutters are an essential investment if you are concerned about keeping your home in good condition and free from the damage that is caused by water, ice, and snow.

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