A look at the controversies surrounding richard wagner during his music career

Co-authored by the founding members of the Looking for Richard Project, Dr.

A look at the controversies surrounding richard wagner during his music career

All the translators of Das Judentum in der Musik into English have used the word "Judaism" not "Jewry," and while some PC-ifying maniac has desperately re-tranlated even the link to that translation according to his own whims, I propose that this was both unnecessary and misleading and that all such translations should be reverted.

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Jews collectively, 1b the Jewish religion or culture So either word seems to me to be correct in English. You claim that translating "Judentum" as "Judaism" is a point-blank a mistake; I assure you that it is not, and is in fact, in the great majority of cases, the preferable translation of the word into English.

One would never claim that the word "jewry" refers to the culture, history, and religious beliefs of the Jewish people, or to claim that "Jewry" is a world religion. Under the Wikipedia rules, you are completely at liberty to amend the article yourself: This, I think, should help to put his misuse by the Nazis into some perspective.

On his user page, Smerus indicates that he is working on his Ph. In addition, he provides a list of references http: This is - as you note - hardly an original line of investigation: Had the Nazis truly understood the plot of Der Ring, they would have probably banned it.

An analysis of hedda gabler by henrik ibsen

I think the article as it stands is probably correct in its POV. It takes a position on Wagner and then proceeds to defend it. Take for example the explanation and description of "Know Thyself". First, it is a terrible misreading of the text bordering on distortion: Second, it is original research in that that interpretation is not cited from a secondary source.

But there are many other examples in the page of the same kind of one-sided viewpoint.

A look at the controversies surrounding richard wagner during his music career

I would like to bring some balance to the page. But I would like the page to accurately reflect the controversies surrounding this complicated and often times contradictory man. A lot of the argument is unreferenced. I thought it was the whole opera - it would certainly explain performances being in a theatre not a concert hall and give them more time to fall asleep.

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Prior to that, he was very careful to hide his anti-Semitism, we only know about it because of private letters he wrote. Fritz Spitznogle talk They pose as erudite neutral truth-seekers and logicians when it suits their purposes, then become a mob baying for blood, hurling obscene insults and threats at their targets when the coast is clear.

A more obvious translation would have him calling for Jews to "go under" in sense of sink, drown, disappear. Instead, it notes—without demur—that Wager was just explaining why Germans are right to want to defend their country from Jewish influences.

A look at the controversies surrounding richard wagner during his music career

The list could go on and on. I did try once before or a different topic and got a best lost. There is a sentence on the Racism section in Wagner Controversies that I deleted as there was no cite that supported the statement.

So, I once again, deleted it. The sentence cited said that Wagner was anti-Semitic, not racist, as the chapter in question is about.

Is it ether or both of the following?

Wagner buried with his dog

If you will clarify this, then text can be provided with citations which will satisfy you.The Richard III Society was founded to promote research into the life and times of Richard III, confident that reasoned debate and scrupulous research would reveal a very different character from the evil caricature of Tudor propaganda.

Music Richard Wagner's house reopens to the public. The house where composer Richard Wagner once lived - a museum since - has been restored, renewed and expanded.

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The controversy began during his life - over ten thousand books about him were published before Wagner's death in 18 It looks like you've lost connection to our server.

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